Programming in Kenya (1994-97) I lived in Kenya for three years, setting up a training centre for Rotary, and running a computer consultancy business. This article was written for Logica's in-house staff magazine. Big photo graphics, sorry.

La Maroc (1999) A holiday to Morocco with a couple of work colleagues; the text is from a (spoof!) email I sent out on our return.

Tall tales from the P4 Log books (1988ish) I learned to drive using a series of Rover P4 110s. These are some articles I wrote (aged 20ish) for the enthusiasts magazine, I think 'Freewheel'.

Op Telic (2003) I served in the Gulf on Op Telic in early 2003, these are some emails, useful notes and hopefully one day the written up diary. This site hosts a copy of the Westminster Dragoons 'official' booklet of their experiences.

Midge Attack Skye in 2005.

Too much down! Climbing in Chamonix, France, in 2006.

Crampon-Stylie Walking around Cairngorm in 2008.

To come:

(To do) Botswana in 1991 with the Brathay Exploration Group (converting from WordPerfect 5.1)

Attempted trip around the Med in 1992.

Attempted drive to Kenya in 1994.

Rotaract trip to Romania (1993) to help out at an orphanage there.

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