The wierd thing about a change of scene is that it seems to be have been ages
since I started getting dressed in green full time, whereas I guess that for
most of you it's been an ordinary weekend and a couple of workdays. But thanks
for the gossip (new jobs, shuttle, etc) it's great and very refreshing after a
hard days swearing and shooting things. Except for the shuttle news obviously.

'Morale' is still quite good, all things considered. We'll be under our own
Management (there's some official term for the management here, but I keep
forgetting it) rather than the Regulars (ah, but we *are* regulars now...
ooooooh) which is a bit pants but ho hum. current plan (subject to change...)
is that I shall be working with the quartermaster which means I'll be driving
about the desert in contact with all our different elements, which is good.
And of course gathering as much shiny kit as I can!

Some admin points:

I may change my email soon as this one is a bit heavy on the spam, will let you
know. Please don't send stuff as html cos it's difficult to read. Also bear in
mind I'm picking off everyone's address off a pick list, so if I miss someone
don't assume it's cos I hate you. It's just that I am, as usual, somewhat
incompetent, and you can breath a sigh of relief about not having to wade
through more drivel.

Snail mail (drunken postcards, etc, or free 'blueys' - aerograms - that you can
pick up from the post office) can be sent to:

Tpr Hill, 24883553
Royal Yeomanry
c/o Cavalry House
Duke of Yorks
Turks Road

oh pants I'll send the postcode when I know it but this should work, or you can
look up 'Westminster Dragoons' on the web. We will (hopefully) be assigned a
proper army BFPO address at some point, probably when we go overseas (ooo what
a security leak).

Bear in mind that when things kick off, we won't be allowed email/phones, or
mail *out*. So if I suddenly go quiet (unusual I know) it doesn't
*necessarily* mean I've been jailed for illicit brewing. And keep the odd
stuff incoming, it will make everyone else jealous.

In the meantime we're training for desert warfare in the snow and biting cold
somewhere in Licolnshire. Nice countryside if a bit flat. And cold. And
snowy (did I say that?) I wish I'd brought my thermals now! Still I have my
new gadgets to keep me happy, and hopefully I'll be sending out the first
photos and video clips soon. Probably not all that exciting giving they
consist, generally, of a lot of folks disguised as a hedge (Spooooon!) standing
around being bored or queuing for things.