Now that Martin is separated from his electronics he has asked me to keep you all in touch where possible. We've had a letter from him dated 10th march, scrawled while sitting in his vehicle and having it resprayed desert brown. He's not used to a pen anyway so it's only a brief missive - G

10th March, Kuwait

Well here I am in sandy places at last. Things are not all rosy - mostly sandy in fact. Actually not too bad. It's good to be back in the desert again - the smells, the dust and so far no flies which is great. The food is... well... fuel, and we're not yet cooking for ourselves so I haven't had a chance to use those fancy sauce tubes that Dad gave me [I took a package to him the day he left - G], and are the envy of many other vehicle crews. I've been 'promoted sideways' to a command vehicle which is great - does the same as before but even more so. [Unsurprisingly, this didn't make sense to most people. I meant that the vehicle in a command role as opposed to quartermaster, had just as many gadgets only now we might have to use them in earnest. Which we did...]

At the moment I'm sitting in the out queue of the respray site, my car is now custard brown, listening to music on my mp3 player and smoking a nice relaxing pipe. After a rather panicky few minutes scraping paint off the wing mirrors - guess who forgot to cover them! Oops! See I'm now a driver as well, and in fact for this one they've given me a vehicle all to myself. (mp3 player now playing "I wish it would rain down". Seems appropriate except that we had a storm yesterday and were soaked).

Our mess tent blew down in the storm, which was quite exciting. Had to transfer out the food & stuff in the rain, just like training in the UK!

I can see the front guys moving so I guess I'd better get ready.....

Mobiles are banned so no emails or tech will write more if I get a mo but really busy now. [I was spending every spare moment - and some that weren't much to the annoyance of my seargent - desperately trying to get the various bits of incompatible radio kit to work with each other]