Sent to a schoolfriend - who typed it up and sent it around (thanks Chez!).

19th March, Windy and Sandy place

Hi again!

Not sure what the situation was when I last wrote, but I'm now part of a section (still a signaller) that has been detatched to work with the 16th Air Assault, which is scary - not so much for the task but hanging about with a bunch of paras.....

We're locked down in our vehicles as there's a storm blowing. Our training is easing off now as the regulars we are now with are more than happy with our performance - to the stage that they're tightening up some of their own drills to match us. So we're chuffed

Finally getting our operational kit - anti-agent drugs, ammo, morphine (hoo!) etc. But still no desert boots or clothes .... I now have a GPMG (fek off big Rambo style machine gun that CAN be fired from the hip - you just won't hit anything) in the back along with stacks of radio gear. The little bit of me that is at all warry can't wait to kick open the rear door and let loose with the GPMG while calling in a contact report. While we run away, Err, withdraw.

If we stick to our current plan though, our main danger will be heat exhaustion (working in protective suits) and runaway busses (quite rare in the desert). However, the paras have some plan to spice things up a bit, but it just reminds me of garden markets and bridges that are too small (or too.... ). [For the many people who didn't get this - it was a reference to Operation Market Garden from the Second World War, where British paratroopers took a bridge across the Rhine ahead of the advance to prevent the Germans destroying it, but were left unsupported and eventually were all killed or captured. A film "Bridge Too Far" was made about it. However Father Ted once had to explain that things that appear small might in fact be far away. It all seemed to make sense when I wrote it - M]. Hopefully, we won't be involved as helicoptering in our decontamination truck would be difficult.

Just got back from lunch and our 'notice to move' time has dropped so I'll send this for now - probably my last one for a bit!

Off we go!

Cheers, lots of love,