Another one that Chez typed up

06/04/03 'Chester', a GOSP, Iraq.


Well, after a fierce fight with a camel spider I managed to rob this final bluey from a baby one. I'm writing this quickly before he comes back with his big brother.

I'm getting REALLY bored now. The conversation here revolves around rumour and speculation about when and how we're going back, which is dull because we know nothing. I shall try and persuade them to try 'Gordon Browns fiscal policy especially re: alcohol taxation' or 'Compare and contrast English vs Scottish liscensing laws' or you could send us some arguments.

We're guarding a 'GOSP' (Gas/Oil Seperation Plant) which involves standing in a hole looking at sand for a few hours a day, or manning a road check point which involves waving at cars as they go by. A GOSP about 5 km up the road was attacked a couple of nights ago by a couple of teams armed with grenade launchers and small arms (strange expression...); so no one got much sleep as all the trenches were full of people looking for (ahem) ragheads/jinglies/etc to shoot. I wasn't here - I was off escorting (new business - male escort!) a biological detection collection, so missed all the fun.

Its now over 40degrees C by mid morning, so even standing still in body armour, webbing, helmet etc works up a sweat. Please pass on to Sue that the thought is appreciated but soup and hot chocolate isn't really appropriate..... [Sue - you can send me chocolate, in any form, whenever you want! - C. xxx]

Some guys have arrived with a big digger to sort out a long drop, 'desert rose' urinals and water drainage. And I was planning on getting the water running in the main buildings today, doesn't seem much point now, oh my god I am going to be REALLY bored today! Not that we don't have things to do - cleaning kit, clothes, self, checking radios, standing watch, etc. It's just very VERY monotonous.

Just realised it's Anna's birthday today, can't yet do faster than BFPO-travel so I guess 'Happy Birthday' will have to wait. Not sure that a birthday present of army issue boiled sweets mixed with sand would go down all that well any way. Hope you had a good bash for Paul's birthday and got v.v. drunk indeed. You bastards.


The flies are getting to be a pain but am now getting quite good at killing them off. They seem to like dark things so they're swarming over my rifle beside me. I'm sitting in the control room of the GOSP - one wall is covered in panels of flashy lights and twiddely buttons. There's no power to it at the moment and we're worried about what will happen if they do turn it back on as of course we've all been twiddling the buttons... [I think this was one of the ones they started up today - no explosions reported so far... C.] I've managed to start doing some work on the laptop which is quite good as its got my brain working again, though it's hard to concentrate with these BASTARD flies every where!

Thanks v much for the parcels - Chelle's was great, much teary eyes. Also the letters, great one from Guy and his latest exploits catching moped theives! Still no shop here so we're still relying on you folks back home! Some fly killer stuff would go down well just now!!

Thank v much, lots of love etc,