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The War Settles - Chester GOSP

(A bunch of notes at the moment)

28th March - 4th April

With a minor bit of faffing, we moved to a small industrial site, probably/possibly some kind of electrical substation. Lots of stagging on, mostly GPMG nest on a roof (nice view) and occasional roam. The offices have all been looted and ripped apart; ledgers and plans and papers everywhere, and bits of rubbish not worth taking: broken cheap office chairs, ripped overalls, torn and tatty working shoes. Bureacratic forms are recognisable even in arabic.

First draft of That Email...

No no, you remember, this is how you play a playstation


OC still looking for work for us but no joy. PBDS went off to 3AAC and Brigade HQ and so we're now just gaurding ourselves full time. Rumours of colocating with 3AAC (escorted the OC to their FARP) ...

Chester GOSP

...but instead we've just moved to a some mini GOSP (Gas Oil Separation Plant) where - we are gaurding ourselves. Well, and what's left of the GOSP which is generally extremely large pipes, buildings and vats, and a diesel engine bolted to a massive concrete block, that are difficult to loot. There were some RMPs (with motorbikes! Please let me have one!) but they're going today.

(Turned up, dogs)

Baghdad airport has been taken and 'something good' happened in Basra. Saw arty firing the last couple of nights, shells drifting up then winking out - then faint long flashes over the horizon. No sound.

Last night did escort for HWWC sampling, based from PBDS near Brigade HQ. Spent ages tramping around the tents trying to locate 'JNBCR HQ', nobody knew. Finally recognised a half naked officer back from a wash (not because he was half naked) and got in. PBDS 2 was in a bunker, very civilised with DVD player - watched Highlander! woohoo!

Apart from occasional escort, still jobless. Yesterday the decon section left for the DSG under Adam, leaving me, Brooke, Conn and Ed. Very sad...

In the evening did HWWC escort again. Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. While we were away, a GOSP up the road was attacked (small arms) so they all stood to - the only ones to do so apparently. We at Brig HQ, the other side of said GOSP, certainly didn't...

5th April

Escorted OC to Div HQ. Met Tom F who seems OK but complains of being generally dicked about, along with everyone else, by SHQ individuals acting like STABS and cavalry ones at that. Usual suspects. Glad not to be there.The OC's meeting, according to Staff H who seems to be getting friendlier - or at least less unpleasant - was like a playground squabble.

Got back to find there are so few people left that we have to stag on full time, so no more HWWC escort for us, yah boo sux. We got to do it because we had a land rover, and with comms too. We're Special we are.

6th Sunday

Quiet day, got some work on AstroGrid done, quite a struggle with my green head on. OC also getting hacked off now with inactivity and keen to go home. Mellow evening and he lent us his Mac to watch The Italian Job. Dress State to zero; respirators no longer on but to hand.

7th Monday

More quietness. Highlight was a lump of post in, including some from Nick at Pentlepoire to share out, and first mail from ROE.

Trying not to slacken off kit discipline but had to dekit landrover fast as it was taken by others to escort the OC. He's come back a bit happier.



[Letter notes: Rice Pudding & Cherries, us + policing (no training, phrases from Omar?), Oil pipes, scary bangs at night, wind last night, Tinned Pirates, Fockin Chip Shop, Male Escort agency]

8th April

Big bang last night on stag and callsign feckup.

Ed me, Steve B, Friff and Daz spent the day doing VCPs. Not onesingle cat to stop, at several locations. Some military vehicles but not even many of them. Bit of fetching & carrying of Cpn B plus a couple of others heading south. Thought we might have to shoot some wild dogs causing trouble with some locals, but turned out the dogs were theirs. Chinese/Arabic whispers.

Lots of thumbs up from passing local traffic.

Went N over the canal to give Cpn B a lift to some brief. Lots of photos...

Got to visit an EFI in the evening (at Brig HQ) nothing except cans of soft drink, soap, ciggies and razor blades. Bought ciggies.

Lots more scoff in the evening; very windy and the doors in the buildings are continuously slamming.

Knees are stiff...? Restricted diet and no exercise...

Big explosion up near the industrial site where we were camped before. Those on stag claim quite a fireball - I was at Brig HQ leaving the EFI and saw the reflection of the blast on the stone building I was facing. Gathered wits and counted the seconds for the sound to reach - 6-8 seconds. Dr Evil is bored and even volunteered to stag on with Ed...


The Big No No. Late for gaurd. That's what comes of trusting other people to tell you what time you're on; should have checked myself (it's my responsibility). Planned to do Blythe's stag the next day which made everyone happy, but:

10th 3AAC FARP

Moved to 3 Army Air Corps Forward Arming & Refueling Point (I think).

No stag as paras are on, lots of helicopters. Spent the day escorting Cpn B up north to investigate a couple of sites. Lots of spare/dumped ammo at the first one - an old Iraqi infantry base, crossed Euphraties (see piccies!). Spoke to three locals passing by while on fire support with GPMG.

Got quite crowded by a bunch of friendly looters at a half-built water purification site. All after 'whisky' and a copy of FHM, friendly but crowding... Moony shouted them all away, and after a bit of hoarse communications we drifted off.

Pleasant evening with Staff McG, Jona and Old Williams. Dangerous Poo. Got rocket balloons (incoming!). Still getting chocolate...

Treading lightly

We got some mozzie nets. And this happened...

...and this...

...and this

At last the decon trucks are put to good use. Luxury showers


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