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Al Qurnah - Peacekeeping

14th April Rerolling

Now based at ech as we reroll for peacekeeping around Al Qurnah. Long faces everywhere as we get used to the idea of not going home soon. We're told no army is leaving yet, and basically our CO is finding us something to do while we wait, which is fair enough.

BFB is now operating but not very exciting. "Hot hot hot" this morning...

Good to meet up with the rest of the RY at last, but looks like Ed, Conn, Brooke and myself will be staying on with G Sqn (nice one) with Jay joining us as OC's driver, with predictable insinuations. Getting more tetchy myself, esp with B. Ho hum eh?

Al Qurnah

This was by far the most interesting time, but instead of keeping a diary I wrote letters back home. Because they were about policing, I sent them to a policeman friend. Who burned them. So I need to do this from memory, at some point...


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